Our Story

We bring joy. Our warm team members help customers find their beauty, offer self-care tools, explore ideas, and bond with their partners. Any given day you’ll see a stream of people flowing through our doors with bright smiles. Our boutiques are the perfect place to explore the very best lingerie, skin care, and pleasure products the world has to offer.


Enchantasys was founded by two high school sweethearts. Jim and Kim lost and then found each other again, in a flower shop. Two natural entrepreneurs, they fuel each other and even went on to buy the flower shop where they rekindled their love.

They opened their first Enchantasys in Fargo, North Dakota and have since gone on to expand through middle America. The Pattersons have built strong relationships with innovative brands, and cultivated one of the most professional and well-trained staff in North America. With unparalleled customer care, knowledgeable Wellness Experts on staff, and groundbreaking consumer rewards program—customers deliver rave reviews and confidently come back for more. Nearly two decades later and their impact on the world continues to grow.

Enchantasys will always be a safe space to ask an honest question, explore ideas, discover new experiences, learn about pleasure, and to feel beautifully empowered.

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